Dr. Ali Ahmad presents former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz at the 2017 Atlantic Council Tipping Points Conference: Finding an Energy-Climate Balance

The Atlantic Council held its conference, ‘Tipping Points: Finding Energy-Climate Balance,’ on July 21st, 2017. MENACS energy expert and director of the American University of Beirut’s Energy Security program at the Issam Fares Institute, Dr. Ali Ahmad, introduced and presented the main speaker, former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

The conference was centered on climate issues. Dr. Ahmad explained to the audience the negative consequences of the US pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. He also spoke about former Secretary Moniz’s dedication to the role of science and technology in countering climate change and advancing more sustainable forms of energy. For his part, Secretary Moniz addressed the need to support technological and scientific discoveries in pursuit of greener energy and a sustainable climate-energy balance.