The MENACS Network invites you to join us!

The MENACS Network promotes an open and free exchange among people from the region, and offers a safe and secure atmosphere to promote thinking out-of-the-box on issues relating to arms control and regional security in the Middle East. While we encourage a sincere dialogue and arguments on these issues, we insist on a respectful and discrete exchange among all participants.

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The Network has a three-tier structure, including the Steering Committee, Members, and Affiliates.

By applying to join the Network, potential members and affiliates denote their acceptance of our Mission Statement and commit to working collaboratively and constructively.

Members: young people (in their 20s and 30s) from or originated from the Middle East who work on issues of arms control, nonproliferation, disarmament, and regional security are invited to join as MENACS members. As our outreach activities are a major part of our work, we are interested in members who originate from the Middle East (and preferably live in the region), and are interested in taking an active part in regional dialogue as well as the discourse in their home countries on issues relating to the Network’s focus.

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Affiliates: anyone who does not meet the full membership criteria with a professional interest in issues related to Middle East arms control, nonproliferation, disarmament, and regional security is welcome to join the MENACS Network as an affiliate. MENACS affiliates will receive updates on the Network’s projects and outreach activities, and will be invited to participate in the Network’s activities.

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