MENACS Provides Arabic Translations of BWC RevCon Daily Reports

As part of a larger initiative to work with Middle East delegations in the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and increase their involvement with the BWC, members of the Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists Network (MENACS) are providing Arabic summary reports of BWC Review Conference. The reports are generated by Richard Guthrie of the BioWeapons Prevention Project. The reports below were translated by MENACS members onsite in Geneva, Switzerland. The reports review some of the issues discussed at the BWC Preparatory Committee, while also outlining what are considered priority issues for the 2016 Review Conference. You can access the English version of the reports here.

Summary reports and information about the BWC can also be found at the new website founded by MENACS member Hussain Alhowaidi, Follow MENACS on twitter @MENACSmiddeast, Hussain @biologicalweap1, and Tiara Shaya @tiarashaya to receive live updates from the RevCon in Geneva.

Report Number 1

Report Number 2

Report Number 3

Report Number 4

Report Number 5 

Report Number 6

Report Number 7

Report Number 8

Report Number 9 

Report Number 10

Report Number 11

Report Number 12

Report Number 13

Report Number 14