Middle East Nuclear Energy Monitor 2018: Country Perspectives

This report is the first edition of a yearly publication that examines the development and challenges of nuclear power projects in the Middle East. Nuclear power has become a reality in the region. The six nuclear power aspirants in the Middle East (Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates) are at different levels of commitment and progress towards establishing their civilian nuclear power programs (see Exhibit 1). The content of this report is largely based on interviews conducted by the authors with various stakeholders including government officials, industry insiders and experts. It provides detailed and up-to-date accounts on the status of the ongoing six nuclear power programs in the region.

In this inaugural report, the focus is on the bidding processes, the financing and stakeholder agreements, and the technology and fuel providers. As for fuel cycle activities, this report provides, when available, the status of activities for uranium exploration, mining, milling, conversion, fuel fabrication, reprocessing, and waste storage plans.

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