Nuclear Verification Workshop at Sandia National Laboratories

The Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists Network (MENACS) met in September in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Sandia National Laboratories for a training on nuclear verification concepts and technologies. The workshop also included a missile dismantlement verification exercise.

The training included sessions about the nuclear fuel cycle, with in-depth descriptions of the anatomy of a nuclear reactor, and a managed access exercise. During this exercise, members of the team simulated an on-site inspection for the dismantlement verification of nuclear-tipped missiles. MENACS members divided into two groups, the host and the inspecting country, and were tasked with negotiating the terms of the on-site inspection.

The group also discussed upcoming activities such as the BWC Review Conference.  MENACS

members will travel to the conference in November in an effort to strengthen the participation of Middle Eastern delegations in the BWC Review Process.

Each MENACS member also introduced new project ideas, and the group is currently working on a compendium of the suggested projects to begin fundraising efforts. Some of the suggested projects include a Model UN-type initiative focusing on the WMDFZME for Middle East undergraduate and graduate students, and a videogame to increase awareness on CBRN issues in the region.