Nuclear Energy in the Middle East: Clearing the Legal Hurdles
Added Date : 30/9/2013

As Middle Eastern nations from North Africa to the Persian Gulf look increasingly to nuclear power to meet their energy needs, nuclear reactor suppliers will be seeking to ensure that purchasing states have developed effective safety, environmental, and security regulatory frameworks to manage nuclear power projects, including measures to protect vendors from liability in the event of a nuclear accident.CNS and the Georgetown Institute for International Law and Politics sponsored a panel discussion on setting the legal stage for the expansion of nuclear energy programs in the Middle East at the Henry L. Stimson Center in Washington, DC, on March 4, 2009.

Sharon SquassoniSenior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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Patricia Metz, Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security, U.S. Department of State
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Omer Brown, Attorney at Law
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Henry Sokolski, Executive Director, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center
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