Resources on Egypt's Nuclear Energy Program
Added Date : 28/9/2013

National Authorities:

Egypt Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA),



Egypt: IAEA's Country Nuclear Power Profiles (2013 Edition),


Egyptian Nuclear Power Plants Program by Hesham Abd El-Hamid, Nuclear Power Plants authority (March 2013),


Technical Requirements of Egypt for Nuclear Reactor Technology for Near  Term Deployment by Mahmoud Gad, EAEA,


Plan for the Establishment and Development of The NPP Owner/Operator Organization, by : Nour Abou Elhassan, Nuclear Power Plants Authority Nuclear Power Plants Authority (Oct. 2012),


Perspectives on SMR reactors deployment in Egypt: opportunities and challenges
by Khalil A. Yasso and Mostafa Aziz (Oct. 2011),


Bilateral Nuclear Agreements:


Commitments Signature Ratification Remaining into force Renewal*
France 27/03/1981 14/07/1981 30 years 3 years, each
USA 29/06/1981 29/12/1981 40 years 40 years
Germany 26/10/1981 26/02/1982 30 years 5 years
Canada 17/05/1982 8/11/1982 30 years 5 years
Australia 26/07/1981      
South Korea 10/04/1985      
Russian Federation 25/03/2008      
* Unless termination by either party, by notification six months before the end of each period.